söndag 21 december 2014

Broadcast your radio show over Radio Revival from Sweden

This is the blog of Radio Revival - the Sala relay transmitting centre. On a number of occasions we have broadcast Radio Nord Revival on shortwave, medium wave and FM as a tribute to Swedish offshore station Radio Nord which was active in 1961-1962. We now offer airtime over our shortwave transmitters located in Sala, Sweden.

PLEASE NOTE: For some reason, some Yahoo mail accounts seem to block mail from our domain. I have no idea why but if you can contact us from another account, please do so. I already know there are two programme producers, who have asked for broadcasting time, that I have not been able to reach. Please get in touch again if you see this.


5 kW transmitter Collins 204-F1
Exciter HP 8657 B
Sound processing Orban Optimod 8282
Antenna: broadband dipole, height 19 metres
Used in the 75 metre band, prime frequency 3950 kHz

10 kW transmitter Collins 208 U-10 A
Exciter SRT TD90
Sound processing Orban Optimod 9100 B
Antenna: broadband dipole, height 12 metres
The 10 kW unit was earlier used by Radio Sweden at their Hörby transmitting station
Used in the 49 metre band, prime frequency 6065 kHz

The antennas are cage dipoles 2 x 1/4 wave length long. The cages are conical with the tips towards the centre isolator. The feeders are cellflex ½" and 7/8".

Geographical coordinates WGS84 59°36'24.8"N 17°12'43.7"E

Do you want airtime for your programme/radio show? Please contact Ronny at info (at) rock.x.se if you are interested.

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