måndag 5 januari 2015

Radio Revival Sweden testing new frequencies in mid-January

Update from the Sala transmitter site in Sweden:

In addition to the usual channels 3950 and 6065 kHz we have registered the following frequencies:

3970, 3980, 6035, 9815, 9865, 9875, 11705, 11745 and 11755 kHz.

We will be testing the 31 metre band frequencies plus 6035 kHz by mid-January. If you would like to book airtime during these tests, please contact Ronny at info (at) rock.x.se as soon as possible.

We have two transmitters: one 5 kW rig which can broadcast in AM (carrier + both sidebands) and a 10 kW transmitter which can use A3H mode (LSB + carrier) or SSB. The 5 kW transmitter is primarily used in the 75 metre band.

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